Launch of the World’s Largest Human Rights Dataset

9 December 2023

KINGSTON, RI – The CIRIGHTS launched the world’s largest Human Rights Dataset at the University of Rhode Island’s (URI) Kingston campus on Friday, December 9, 2022. The CIRIGHTS project is a collaboration between the University of Rhode Island and Binghamton University. Dr. Brendan Skip Mark directs the project from URI, Dr. David L. Cingranelli, and Dr. Mikhail Filippov from Binghamton University. 

Dr. Mark, the URI Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies Director and a URI Political Science Department Assistant Professor, distributed the newly released 2022 Human Rights Report in print and digital formats. His team consisted of URI faculty Meg Frost and URI students Max Ludwig, Yulia Avvakumova, Lina Al Taan Al Hariri, Mary Lind, Ekaterina (Kate) Sylvester, and Jack Cox.

CIRIGHTS’s report says, “it contains quantitative measures for 72 internationally recognized human rights in 195 countries.” These crucial data and visualization tools are freely available to students, scholars, NGOs, and everyone interested in human rights issues worldwide. 

Many URI undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff attended the CIRIGHTS launching event. Dr. Kristin Johnson, Interim Vice Provost of URI Global Initiatives; Dr. Riley, the Dean of the URI College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. Krueger, the Associate Dean of the URI College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. Hutchison, Department Chair of Political Science; and Dr. Xu, the Graduate Director of the International Relations program attended and applauded the event along with many URI administrators. 

This successful project is a significant achievement and historic initiative at URI Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies. After launching the CIRIGHTS, Dr. Mark thanked Shannon Chandley and Tom Silvia for their generous gift, which accelerated the launch of this project by ten years. 

Please email Dr. Skip Mark at if you have questions about the CIRIGHTS project.

Left to Right: Max Ludwig, Yulia Avvakumova, Lina Al Taan Al Hariri, Dr. Skip Mark, Mary Lind, Ekaterina Sylvester, Jack Cox

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